School of Leadership

This is a mission-based training centre set up in India to equip local leaders to plant churches.

In 2017, God opened the possibility of a church-planting venture in India and we launched the HighPointe School of Leadership in the city of the majestic Taj Mahal – Agra, India. Our partner in this venture is True Life Church, in the suburb of Bihari Kunj.

The HighPointe School of Leadership, which has been the main mission branch of our church, trains prospective church-planters via an intensive curriculum that lasts between 6-8 months in total, covering several modules that are both academic and practical. When the training term is done, the trainees are asked to seek God to lead them to plant churches in local villages in various states across the north of India.

Since its launch, we now have planted over 80 churches (and counting) in remote villages and towns.

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Attendance in these churches vary from about 20 to 70 as they all meet in homes and the capacity is limited. A few of these churches have expanded and are in the process of constructing their own church buildings with a bigger hall.
We are always looking for people who would be cheerful sponsors in this growing work. This is an investment into the Kingdom of God so that the gospel can reach the unreached in remote villages. HighPointe LIFE is committed to supporting each graduate who goes on to plant churches. The financial aids come from the church, small groups and individuals.

How you can contribute:

  • RM40,000: total cost of running an entire semester (6 months) of the HighPointe School of Leadership. You may not be able to give the full sum for the operations of a full semester, but you may contribute a portion of it.
  • RM300 per month for 3 years: This is how most individuals and small groups sponsor church planters over 3 years. Thereafter, we strongly urge church planters to be self-sustaining in raising funds.
  • Financially assist in subsidizing Malaysian facilitators and leaders in their travels to India.

Another way you could contribute is to join us on one of our trips. Apart from the faculty team who teach at the Training Centre, we also have teams who visit the newly-planted churches to encourage and to pray for them. We are always looking for volunteers to join the visitation and ministry teams.

Please contact us for more information.