I Have Decided

My decision

As you start your personal journey, we encourage you to do the following

  • Let someone know about your decision, so we can celebrate with you.
  • Start your relationship with God by praying. Feel free to talk to God as a friend. 
  • Read your Bible, spend time with God and discover what God has to say. You can start with with Book of Mark.
  • Get connected with other Christians and serve God through the Church.
We’re so happy you’ve decided to follow Jesus

Level Up

Christians are meant to be a part of a community. We're inviting you to:

  1. ENCOUNTER something awesome when you attend our weekly services.
  2. ENGAGE with new friends and our church family before and after services.
  3. EXPLORE and discover what Christianity is all about through a ministry.
  4. EXPERIENCE the life of our church when you become a part of a small group.
  5. EXERCISE your gifts when you volunteer and serve through our ministries.

Grow with us

Be Discipled
Be Discipled
Building relationships are just what the church is here to do. Discipleship and mentoring will help you in understanding God and your new faith.
Be Baptised
Be Baptised
Baptism does not make one saved but it is a public declaration of your new life in Jesus. We count it a privilege to guide you through the journey of water and Spirit baptism.
Be A Part of Us
Be A Part of Us
Being a part of a church is welcoming you to a community that is like family. Membership classes are offered if you would like to understand who we are.