My Life Lesson on Learning to Lean on Jesus

by Caleb Hiew

26 January 2023

I was born into a Christian family, with my parents and even most of my direct relatives being Christians. I had considered myself to be a Christian since I was born into it and I made a decision to invite Jesus into my life when I was around 7 years old. Even then, my life didn't seem like it changed drastically.

At 17, I felt like lost direction in life and as with any post-schooling student, there came a pivotal point in life to pick a college/university and the undergraduate course that would "determine the my future". Of course, I stressed over moments like this - big decisions that could altar many things I may not see in the present. On another note, I was involved in a toxic relationship and had struggled with some "friendship issues" in school, which added to the pressure.

However, through conversation and sharing about my struggles, I realized that my peers in church were going through a similar problems as I am but not all were "pulled down by it" or ""struggling the same way I was" because of how close they stayed to God and clung unto Him through tough situations.

I realised the relationship I might have had with God was just not real. I finally turned back, ran towards God and recommitted my life to Jesus again, 10 years after I had first invited Him into my life.

It was then that I learned what it meant to "lean on God" and I could feel many of my burdens wearing off, to the point that I physically felt my body was lighter and not being weighed down. Now being in my final year in university, I praise God that I am still learning and leaning on Him to overcome tough obstacles of life, not by my own strength but God's.

I thank God for the experiences He has brought me through so that I can now share with my peers and others how to trust God even when there are periods of anxiety and stress. Jesus is our refuge and He is faithful!

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